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Lauren B's Online Classes

These Classes will help you in all areas of enhancing your skills and bettering your craft!

Who will benefit most from taking these classes?

  • Anyone trying to enhance their skills and become a better hairstylist.

  • Anyone who would like to start doing their own hair.

  • Anyone who would like to start doing their children's hair.

Is continued support offered after taking a class?

Yes, continued support from Lauren B., is offer to those who purchases classes. (Additional fees may or may not apply)

  • If you have any questions or concerns after completing class, feel free to text 267.975.1129

  • Mentorship Programs are coming soon!

Pricing and Payments

Pricing for different classes may vary. Please remember, all class are NON REDUNDABLE

Stitch Braid Webinar

Stitch Braid Webinar

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